Crowd4Cash REST API

Our API is a flexible, efficient, and easy to use RESTful API for getting a list of the C4C loans.

Supported languages

The Crowd4Cash REST API itself doesn't have a language restriction.


To use our API you need to be authenticated using an API key issued by C4C.

Request an API Key here

Note: please don't leak your API key to anyone else.

Basic Usage

To use our API, include your API key and make a request. For example:

C# example:

        var lang = "en"; // can be 'de' though
        var loanid = 39;
        var key = "YOUR_API_KEY_HERE";
        var url_all_open_loans = $"https://api.crowd4cash.ch/loans/{language}?key={key}";
        var url_specific_loan = $"https://api.crowd4cash.ch/loans/{language}/{loanid}?key={key}";        
        using (var httpClient = new HttpClient())
            var response = httpClient.GetStringAsync(new Uri(url_all_open_loans)).Result;

            // Do something with the response

PHP Example:

        $url = "https://api.crowd4cash.ch/loans/en?key=YOUR_API_KEY_HERE";
        $resource = curl_init($url);
        curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER, ['Accept:application/json, Content-Type:application/json']);
        curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_CUSTOMREQUEST, 'GET');

Response example #1:

            "loans": [
                    "id": 72,
                    "dateCreated": "05.06.2018",
                    "dateApproved": "06.06.2018",
                    "loanAmount": 17500,
                    "interestRate": 6.7,
                    "duration": 54,
                    "biddingType": "Fixed Rate",
                    "loanPurpose": "Vehicle Purchase",
                    "loanRating": "A",
                    "loanStatus": "In Funding",
                    "collateral": "No",
                    "insurance": "Yes",
                    "openAmount": 8800,
                    "biddingEnd": "05.09.2018",
                    "notes": "The customer would like to buy a cheap new car with the loan...",
                    "borrower": {
                        "zip": "8552",
                        "city": "Felben-Wellhausen",
                        "age": 30,
                        "category": "Private",
                        "housingCondition": "Single",
                        "residentialSituation": "Tenant",
                        "nationality": "Switzerland",
                        "children": 0,
                        "profession": "Projektleitung Haustechnik",
                        "workSince": "01.06.2010",
                        "solvency": "OK",
                        "monthlyNetIncome": 7095.8333,
                        "partnerIncome": 0,
                        "availableAmount": 3195.8333,
                        "availableAmountPercentage": 11.77,
                        "monthlyPayment": 376.2731,
                        "collectionProcedures": "No"
            "result": {
                "status": "OK"

Response example #2:

            "loans": [],
            "result": {
                "status": "FORBIDDEN"

Response example #3:

            "loans": [],
            "result": {
                "status": "UNAUTHORIZED"


So, to summarize, to use our API you can use some .NET libraries (HttpWebRequest, WebClient, and HttpClient), some extensions for PHP like Curl and Guzzle, as well as some third-party tools like RestSharp.

We believe that now you are at least 99% ready to consume our REST API. Enjoy!


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